Some thoughts about the SX230HS

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Re: Some thoughts about the SX230HS

maybe i should try the zs15. i owned the sx230, and it wasn't bad at all, but ultimately i sold it and bought a zs20. that zs20 was a disaster for me, although i keep wondering if i got a lemon. low light pics were very noisy, as was ISO over 400. ergonomics - or maybe my a camera had stabilization problems - meant that most of my pics soft or downright blurry, and i got the lowest number of keepers of any camera i ever owned. too bad, 'cause i liked the size, form, snappy feel and the touch screen of the zs20.

so after comparing a zillion shots from boards and review sites, i got the sx260. i have mixed feelings about it - image quality is good, noise at ISO 1600 and in low light is better than the zs20 at ISO 400, and not smeared or missing significant detail. colors are good, and i was able to shoot pics out of a moving car that stopped the action up to 40 MPH, and did pretty well at up to 65. stabilization seems to work great for my shaky hands, and i'm able to hand hold some indoor shots at 1/30 or a bit slower. the sx260 is easy to use, but i don't understand why it isn't a bit smaller as its competitors are. and somehow it didn't have the snappy feel of the zs20.

the zs20 sort of put me off the idea of getting the zs15, but i keep reading good things about it and i've mostly had good experiences with panasonics other than the zs20. and while the zs15 doesn't have a touch screen (i use touch screens a lot when i have 'em), neither does the sx260.

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