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Re: Alison Kim

JustFred wrote:

But Andy, if the BLM-5 is 7,4 v and the original BLM-1 battery for the E-1 is 7.2v then isn't there a risk that the BLM-5 battery could cause some kind of damage to the E-1?

Not necessarily Fred. For one thing, the official Olympus recommendation is that the BLM-5 is compatible with all the cameras it fits - such as the E-1 - I believe it is the only battery they supply now anyway, and have made the BLM-1 obsolete.

They also state that the BLM-5 is not compatible with the older chargers. Probably more likely to do with the extra sensing circuit, as well as the voltage incompatibility. It's not a great difference, but perhaps enough to not be able to charge the BLM-5 to its full capacity.

If I can remember this right, the slightly higher voltage in the E-1 is of no consequence really, if anything it should be slightly better. It's definitely better than running under-voltage. Again, a vague memory here, but for a given power consumption, a decrease in volts will mean an increase in current draw. This is not usually good for delicate circuits. So the slight increase in volts should mean a slight decrease in current draw.

However, all said, I suspect that there's probably that much variation between individual units anyway.

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