Some thoughts about the SX230HS

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Re: Some thoughts about the SX230HS

Well, I bought both models, too. But I ended up keeping the ZS15.

  • I love the wider angle of the ZS15.

  • I do take a lot of video with my ZS15, and the ZS15's video far outshone the SX230's.

  • I find the ZS15 is faster in cycling between shots. (Most of my photographs are of family scenes where it's important to take advantage of fleeting moments.)

  • I like the layout of the camera controls better.

  • I pretty much stick to taking photos in the 4:3 format, which reduces the SX230's effective screen size to only 2.45".

I did a lot of side-by-side comparisons of photographs taken with both cameras before making my decision. The SX230, in my opinion, did a better job of color rendition (particularly in maintaining skin tones) and preserving details in low light conditions. So, I can appreciate why you chose to go with the SX230.

However, the ZS15 was a better fit for my needs and temperament.

A few comparison photos:






Note: All photos taken under full automatic and flash-suppressed camera settings, at widest angle - except where otherwise noted.

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