5 years and 30 cameras later, 80,000 pictures and the Sony RX100

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Re: 5 years and 30 cameras later, 80,000 pictures and the Sony RX100

Hi, Photoperzon,

I think your post was astute and helpful Not all will agree with it but it will resonate with the experience of some people. Helpful to see that someone who has tried a lot of large and expensive cameras has concluded that smaller is better in this context.

Also, I see nothing wrong with being a camera collector. Lots of people collect lots of things, some much more expensive than cameras. I just came from a visit to an antique car show, for example.

What I do not understand is the angry, almost virulent tone of many of the responses to your post, and the slurs and name-calling.

Of course I am envious of your ability to buy 30 cameras, but not envious enough to call you names.

I have been on the faculty of M.I.T. so I know how difficult it is for a person to achieve the credentials you cite. I respect them.

What would be helpful instead of contumely is a discussion of the exact conditions under which a small pocketable camera gives results difficult to distinguish from those of a large expensive heavy DSLR. Is it bright sunny days with stationary or slow moving objects at ISO 100?

And are there conditions, such as street shooting in a stressful environment, in which an unobtrusive compact camera would be more useful than a large and easily noticeable DSLR?


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