RX 100 Grip, Richards Vs Flipbac

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Re: RX 100 Grip, Richards Vs Flipbac - Egrips Also

Liz Z. wrote:

It is kind of tacky, I agree. I may well get Richard's grip, but in the mean time this is functional, and actually far less noticeable in real life than in the image. The other add-on only covers the front of the camera, so to me it looks a bit like a façade that is trying to make the camera look like a Leica.

Just a bit of a warning regarding the E-grip tapes. I used it on my old Olympus XZ-1. Stayed on my camera for about a year. When I went to sell it and took off the tape there was residue and I had a heck of a time trying to remove it. I even used the Goo-Gone stuff from the hardware store designed to remove adhesive residue but no luck.. even after a few days of rubbing and soaking.. some of it did go away but some of it stayed... maybe not necessarily residue anymore but more like a discoloration to the enamel of the camera due to the adhesive being on there so long. This was mostly on the edges of the tape and you can see a slightly darker outline of where it used to be. Good thing the craigslist buyer didn't notice because it was a very subtle discoloration but I under the right light you can see it slightly. One other thing is the edges of the tape collected lint over time and started fraying a bit.

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