Lumix FZ200 or Sony SLT A57?

Started Aug 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
perry rhodan
perry rhodan Senior Member • Posts: 1,656
@OP Very Good question

After having spent some real money on DSLR's and lenses the last 10 years. And having used a fair set of C* and N* gear I'm not clear anymore on what to use for everyday shooting. When the light is right the compact shines. My so-so HX100V works ok for me 70% of the time. It seems to me that the 2.8 panasonic FZ200 will even do much better.

The versatility, portability and pure convenience of the breed of digicams seems to get even better still. Only for some rare ocassions my N* or pen is used.

Now waiting if the new sigma macro os hsm can turn the tide and do the trick even better.

regards perry

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