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Re: Tedolph

A Guy Platt wrote:

This is funny. I have somehow missed all the Tedolph threads but if this is an example of your posts I'll look out for them.

He is definitely one of the character's on these forums and some people would love to see him get banned for life but he actually seems like a nice enough guy who just loves to "get under people's skin".

He mostly posts in the micro four thirds forum.

You don't have to say anything horrible to get banned. All it really takes is enough people hitting the complain button, about your posts, and dpreview will ban you for awhile.

Tedolph is a man with a bulls eye on him and he walks a fine line every time he disagrees with someone.

I don't agree (from a photography standpoint) with much of what he says but, as I said before, I like reading his posts and think these forums would get boring without people like him.

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