OMG, I just bought a NEX based entirely on a Lens Rumor (35mm f/1.8), freaking out

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eMount 35 would be pretty long as Alpha 35 rework

The real nice Alpha 35/1.8 lens sure would end up being criticized as looking pretty long on a Nex camera, if it was "reworked" in the simplest possible way, i.e. same optical formula, different mechanical casing. My guess is that the optical formula for the eMount 35/1.8 will be sui generis , it's own thing, for more than one reason. Will be happy to be wrong.

Maddening depending on your priorities, but Sony seems to hold the eMount prime lenses to a lower peak resolution standard than the Alpha primes. That could change at any moment, but it does seem to be the case, off the top of my head thinking of the eMount 16, even the 24 (compared to the 2.5+ times heavier Alpha 24mm which according to ...In this lens class Zeiss has reached the highest level of perfection ), 30 and 50mm primes.

Can't really say that lower-priority for peak or corner resolution is a mistake for Sony or even for average (i.e. the greatest number of) users. There are many more factors to balance in setting resolution design requirements, than the concerns of any one enthusiast that bites back when they're cornered. Weight, size, cost, ease of changing how close a minimum focus point quickly and quietly, stabilization of the longer lenses, ability of Nex enthusiasts to easily access non-eMount-lenses for special needs in the early years, increasing likelihood that real demanding users will be willing to go SLT or larger format for a bunch of other reasons anyway, all figure into the picture of how sharp an eMount lens gets made, and when.

The ease of quietly changing focus point for a lens might be a bigger deal than most of us still photographers imagine. Sony seems pretty committed to setting the mix of design priorities with a nod to video. I.e. making sure every eMount lens will focus quietly and with a style that supports video camera work. Said video camera is also not a place where screaming 24 megapixel resolution has meaning.

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