Jail time for lying.

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Re: Simple test:

Christoph Stephan wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

When Clinton said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman", was he lying? If that isn't an obvious example of a lie, then, so far as I'm concerned, y'all deserve the government you get.


I'm pleased to hear you say that. There were those in this thread that argued against that.

...but there will obviusly be less obvious ones. Another matter is the consequence the lie has and the matter it concernes.

For a fact. The less obvious the lie, or the less "important" the lie, the less likely anyone is going to be motivated to enforce the oath. Kinda like speeding. It's hard to imagine a cop pulling over a car doing 66 mi/hr on the freeway. At 75 mi/hr, you see it coming, but maybe not, and at 100 mi/hr, it's something of a done deal.

Clintons affairs were mostly of concern for his wife, understandably, but less important for his function as a president (I nver understood why so much fuss was made about it). On the other hand, if a consequence of beliwing the lies is that country is led into war it is a completely differnt scale.

I completely agree. Clinton should have just kept his mouth shut. On the other hand, such a baltant lie to the American people didn't speak well for his character or trustworthiness.

But even there it is still a hotly discussed matter whether the WMD in Iraq were a lie or where the intelligence available at the time.

It might be hotly discussed, but the Bush Administration out-and-out lied about it, the proof of lying is a no-brainer, the consequences were extreme, and a pussified Congress afraid to be seen as anti-American in the light of the 9/11 terrorist attack threw truth and accountability out the window in the name of "patriotism".

Like I keep saying, we get the government we deserve.

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