Sony, are you paying attention?

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fjbyrne Veteran Member • Posts: 8,226
Crippled usually means removing of features from previous models

Klipsen wrote:

I'm not saying that they deliberately crippled it, but when Sony don't release new firmware, a lot of people are saying that Sony cripple their cameras, although no-one knows if the functions they ask for can be implemented.

That is not how I see the "crippled" argument at all. The main "crippling" arguments I remember were MLU, DOF preview and tethering. These are things that were on previous Sony models and then were removed. I don't recall non-existing features not in previous models (i.e. AS mode or better bracketing options) as being referred to as crippled. They are IMO obvious and should be in there functions but they are not a downgrade from previous models and therefore are not "crippled".

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