EVF Makes the NEX-5n

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Re: EVF Makes the NEX-5n

I had the EVF for a couple of days and then returned it. As a glasses wearer, I found it impossible to use it with the eye cap. However, even then my glasses kept banging against it. Weird, I didn't have this problem on the EVF for my GF1.

It doesn't really work with the NEX5n either. I found it was not possible to frame comfortably due to the fact that it is raised so much from the body and the body itself is so small. Cradling it in the hands to use the LCD is no problem but holding it like a rangefinder is not really possible.

The deal-breaker though is the fragility of the thing. I was surprised how far you have to screw the EVF on and it is hard to know tell when it is on properly. That screw is really thin, too, and gave me no confidence. It is simply not possible to take it on and off quickly (with the GF1's EVF, it was simply a question of sticking it in the hotshoe). Sony advise you to remove it whenever transporting it, which also set the alarm bells ringing.

I would definitely advise people NOT to buy this accessory. At 300 Euros that is an awful lot of money for something so fragile.

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