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Re: LOL, wake up and smell reality

It is my opinion that a lot of new people to the field of basic photography are getting cameras like the d800. The film days are getting farther and farther in the past so a lot of the people who buy the cameras like the d800 do not take the time to read the manual and practice, practice on real subjects. I do check my focus on my d3s once in a while, but not to concerned if the actual real world subjects look good for sharp focus. A foundation of basic photograph knowledge is built off just learning by photographing real world subjects and maybe going to some seminars or even field sessions put on by professionals.

The left focus point issue has been run into the ground and has taken over this forum. Heck in the past I don't think many people even checked the left focus point on these official charts. To tell you the truth I still shoot AA batteries in a staggered row to check for back or front focus and have concluded this is good enough for me. I just get out and shoot to determine if my tools are working up to my expectations.

This forum has developed for a lot of people who are disrespectful and rude without basic communication skills. I will continue to learn new skills by practicing, taking in some seminars and trying some different things in capturing images.


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