EVF Makes the NEX-5n

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Indeed it does! I'm with you...

I bought the 5N to replace my NEX3 specifically to get at the EVF, knowing it was the one thing I needed to make the NEX climb from an occasional use camera for emergencies to something I'd actually WANT to use instead of the DSLR on occasion. I was spot-on, and it's definitely the single greatest transformative purchase I can think of.

I am one who actually prefers the NEX5N with EVF over the NEX7...each person just needs to weigh out their preferences, needs, and wants on that one...I'd buy the 5N over the 7 even if the price were identical. My personal list of preferences are:
I like the smaller overall body as that was a key pursuit for me
I like the tilting EVF over a fixed one

I like that I can remove the EVF and slim the camera down for maximum portability, moduler-style
I don't use flash on the NEX, so there's no conflict for me on that one

I prefer the 16MP sensor's overall IQ, delivery, feel, etc over the 24MP - it feels to me like a 'less work involved' sensor - no resizing, no post processing, needed to get the best results throughout the ISO range.

Neither is better I think - just different approaches. Some may prefer the all-built in body, the ability to use flash with EVF, the higher resolution, the ability to crop more, the larger body style, etc. I prefer the other approach.

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