EVF Makes the NEX-5n

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Re: EVF Makes the NEX-5n

JPWQ60 wrote:

Just received the EVF for the new-5N. As a Nikon DSLR D90 user I was disappointed with the Nex-5N. Could not get used to the LCD. Went to the lakefront with the EVF and now I love the camera. Great shots and easy to carry on the bike ! Only question is whether it's worth spending the NEX-5N plus the EVF vs the Nex-7.

The EVF is a pretty amazing change to the -5N, isn't it? Initially (12/2011) I had the -5N with the 18-200mm. Then my -7 arrived in late March and I struggled to decide if it was worth it to keep the -7 as the -5N is really exceptional. If you ignore not being able to use the EVF & flash simultaneously, the difference is about $250US for an additional 8 MPx and images that are very comparable.

Eventually I had to nit pik to separate the cameras:

  • the EVF snagged on clothing & the bag

  • I liked the bulk of the -7 better as it fit my hands better which I thought would help keep me from tripping the Video button so easily (it doesn't help!)

  • with the 18-200mm, the -5N was less balanced since that lens is pretty heavy for it

  • there's a problem with CA on the -7 with certain legacy lenses

So for me the differences were trivial, but ultimately (in spite of my beloved wife doing a rain dance on my head for spending more $$$) I settled on the -7. I'm happy with the decision and think the camera is as good as it gets right now for hardware.

I've also accepted that any firmware or button-operation changes Sony might create will come packaged in a new camera and that the NEX-7 will never be updated. I'm not happy about this aspect of Sony corporate culture, but that's how it is and I can deal with it since the NEX-7 is about as close to what I want in a camera as anything I've seen.

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