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Re: Infinite White Background Question

AltLens wrote:

If it can't be reduced to a simple post like Ding's, isn't it then more complicated (and possibly take longer)?

Ding's post sounds simple to experienced photographers who have learned the basics. "l meter the reflected light from the background to where the subject will be and make sure it is under the subject exposure." If you were explaining that procedure to someone who had never used a light meter, it would take a lot more words.

One of my earlier posts gives an equally "simple" description: "Select the background and open a curves (or levels) adjustment layer. That will create a mask that protects the subject. Use the white dropper to make the background pure white."

To experienced retouchers, that description is clear and simple. But Ding said he's never worked with layers and masks -- doesn't even know how to open a levels adjustment layer. So he'll need to spend some time learning those basics before he can work quickly with them.

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