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Leonard Shepherd wrote:

An F5 gives you more choice than digital!

Digital, while getting better, introduces some digital corner shading and CA in the frame corners with many older pre telecentric optical designs especially wide angle lenses near wide open.
Using a pre telecentric design does not have these issues with film

There are plenty of pre G AF lenses and manual focus lenses out there to choose from that do not perform as well on digital as with film.
Leonard Shepherd

Many problems turn out to be a lack of intimate knowledge of complex modern camera equipment.

I had used the earliest version of the 35/2 and 24/2.8 Nikkors for many years on Nikon F bodies and was suprised when I put them on my Canon Dslr that the lowly kit lens performed better...

I have read that the newer versions of these lenses are better...if stopped down a couple of clicks...but that puts them in the same aperture range (and IQ) as more modern AF zooms, and the cheap kit zooms at that...

(I do have to say that the Olympus Zuiko 24/2.8 performs just fine...better than fine actually....)

....On the other hand, the longer MF Nikkors I use, from 50 to 300, perform great on my Canon Dslr

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