Which do you consider to be the best pancake lens for NX camera?

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joe talks photography gear
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Re: 16mm

I have read some on the issues with 16mm. That said, I will use it in the manner that best reduces the problematic aspects.

Ariston wrote:

joe talks photography gear wrote:

Well, I grabbed a good deal on the 16mm tonight. It wasn't to be my first pancake but I couldn't pass on it so I cancelled the order for the 30mm and will hunt for a used one.

if you think that you are getting it for a really good deal, then it's a steal. it's a great lens despite it's obvious weakness which is distortion. it can work as a kinda of a fisheye 15mm, a corrected 18mm wide, and a 24mm crop. if you are not doing larger crops or prints, it can work as a 30mm substitute. it is a very high resolution lens for a 16mm to achieve that amount of cropping potential. even better than the 20mm. of course, the 30mm will always have that extra resolving power when you need it.

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