Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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Re: Now I see

A Subset wrote:

zxaar wrote:

pocketpygmy wrote:

also, sony cameras have no soul. i've done the tests, believe me.

thats pretty stupid statement.

To the extent that "elevator music" is fundamentally inferior to masters of rock, jazz, opera, classical or other forms of music,

they have no soul to someone who can not hear or listen.

I would say that similarly some camera might be judged to have more soul than another.

True. I would not exchange by best buddy sony R1 for even a truck full of lifeless GRDs.

So it all very personal, one can not come and declare that some cameras have no soul. If he is blind or deaf to some cameras he would not even know if they have 'soul' or not.

It can certainly be said about cars and motorcycles and paintings. Food even.

True but very personal and depends on person and not on the motorcycle paintings and even food. They have no meaning to someone who can not 'use' them.

Just my initial thoughts in regards to your comment.

i still think that was pretty stupid statement (in my earlier post).

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