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Scott Everett wrote:

Totally understand.

Our goal has been and continues to be to make challenges here the best photo challenges online. But we know the user experience is lacking right now, we read the forums daily.

Not to sound like a broken record, but we're trying to prioritize site developments as best we can, and we have a lot on the way. Challenges is not forgotten, I can assure you that much. But doing it right is not a small task.

I plan to connect with you all more frequently about changes when we're in a better position to put your feedback to good use. Lots of what we are doing now is foundational to allow for the types of changes that will be necessary for a new challenges system.

I would much rather see the system redesigned from scratch and the major documented concerns addressed then to throw out some quick fix patches that just point out more flaws and more need for fixing.

That said, the challenge section of DPR is where I spend a lot of my time while here. I have an M4/3's camera and because the whole forum is OMD this and OMD that I don't spend much time there trying to find something of interest. The challenge section on the other hand allows us to see first hand what people can do with their cameras and to learn and grow.

When you do get this on the front burner please think about a couple of different sections. A general challenge section open to everyone and an advanced section that requires a number of high scores that will have much more strict judging and will highlight some of the more accomplished members. It's all good fun but if you want to be the premier photo competition site online I think the advanced category gives people something to shoot for while showcasing some of the great photos members are taking.

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