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Re: Usain Bolt & Copyright

Sante Patate wrote:

Bolt owns the copyright - the right to reproduce the images commercially - but the person who owns the camera owns it and the card and the electrons. Bolt cannot demand access to the images, or a copy of them.

It is important that copyright is a negative right: the copyright owner is the only one who can publish or reproduce an image, except for fair use. That does not mean that the copyright owner can publish or reproduce the image - most often because publication would breach privacy laws.

Exactly, maybe I misunderstood. I thought we were talking about photos Bolt took. So yes, the person who was the photographer by expressed law owns the copyright in general.

The only exception is that say private venue (being a closed vent) could by contract and by allowing access have the photographer sign over copyright. If that is the case the photographer is merely FOR HIRE. IMO photographers if having combined balls should tell the venue to pump sand.

Contracts could be used to allow the venue and the person photographed have some expressed usage rights as well as conditions on privacy and usage the copy-righter may have but not access to full copyright. But today IMO too many photographers are rather clueless and lack balls to stand up and as such they lose value and monetary worth.

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