No way in hell Obama will win.

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Re: You guys are a broken record

You can't help the helpless but you can help the poor.

Chato wrote:

DSLRPhoto2000 wrote:

So it's bad to work for what you have in life? Sh** why don't I just quite working and ask for free hand outs.

So it's a bad thing if you create your own company? Then make money? Why is it always attacks agents job creators and wealth makers? So does the so called upper class have to pay for everyone? I wouldn't be calling it rich own your own company. Do you or anyone one have a clue how much a owner makes if the profit is 500k for one month after taxes, ect. 5% of that if you are lucky. Yes keep on taxing and attacking people who try to make a living. Sound's like a great idea.

As soon as you hear the words "Social Justice" you reach for one of half a dozen expressions, all of which contain "government handouts."

Yet you have no problems with the government handouts for the wealthy. Those are just fine. Indeed, for every dollar "handed" to the poor, the wealthy get a hundred. When the working poor can't get enough to eat, you "hand" them food, so that they can continue to work for less than survivial wages - Who is really getting the handout? Why the employer who doesn't pay them enough to eat.

When the wealthy rewrite the laws allowing them to engage in Ponzi schemes, you have no problem when the Fed gives them trillions in giveaways, or out right payments into the hundreds of biiions. Big deal, so the Ponzi schemes which mad ethem wealthy went South - Make sure they make a profit at the expense of everyone else. Yet the victims of these ponzi schmens lose everything, and not a peep out of you.

WTF do you think "Social Justice" is?

Well, plain and simple, it's that someone who works can live off their labor. That a person can afford to get sick without going bankrupt. That a person who works, can afford a place to live.

If a society cannot meet these minimal rights, then that society doesn't deserve to exist.

Now I tell you right now - If someone doesn't want to work, let them starve. I don't give a sht. I wouldn't give them a handout, or anything else for that matter - But nyou clowns laugh at some guy working TWO jobs but has to beg for Food Stamps, and call that a "handout."



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