Why is playback zoom so slow and clunky on the RX100?

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Re: Why is playback zoom so slow and clunky on the RX100?

nosnoop wrote:

The high magnification level is for you to quickly check for sharpness, so that you can decide whether you need to retake the shot or not.

I understand the intent for the design; however, in practice, the way it is implemented just slows me down. The main problem is that the picture always gets zoomed into the exact center of the image, which often isn't the area where my subject is in focus. When I'm zooming in, the first thing I'm looking for is "Is my subject in focus?". Instead, I get this extreme magnified view of an area that is often not in focus to begin with so it is impossible to check for sharpness in one step anyway. To get to the in-focus areas, it is often too slow to just pan to that area because of the extreme magnified view, so it forces me to zoom back out out to get to a workable magnification level where I can then pan to the area I'm interested in in a reasonable time frame. Once I have the in-focus areas of the subject in view, I often have to zoom in again to assess the level of sharpness at a near pixel level.

While the camera is actually zooming and panning it isn't so bad, but what is annoying is that slight lag that occurs each time I perform a different action with the controls before the camera responds. So if I'm zooming and all of a sudden I want to stop and start panning, there is that fraction of a second delay that occurs between when I touch a direction on the control pad and when the image actually starts panning in the desired direction. It may not sound like much, but each of these little actions incur a delay, and it all adds up.

So it is designed to be a photographic tool rather than a slideshow zoom in. I personally do not notice the lag too much. And if you need to check for sharpness, you can do it much faster in RX100 than their other consumer compacts.

Actually, that's not true. I also own the Fuji X10, and while the RX100 is much better in many ways, its implementation for checking focus, at least for portraits, is much better, because with just a click of the rear dial in review mode, it automatically zooms right in to each face it detects in the picture so you can immediately assess focus and sharpness around the eyes without any further zooming or panning necessary, and then you can be on your way to composing your next picture immediately.

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