Pixelflash USB-3 CF Reader - Driver fiasco???

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Re: Comparing Test Results & Support

Hello Leigh,

In comparing speed results to Rob Gilbraith’s, it’s important, for accuracy's sake, to have a comparable testing procedure to his. Rob uses QuickBench4 with some very specific settings, that he outlines on his web site. You will want to make sure no other devices are sharing the USB 3.0 controller’s bandwidth and that no applications are running simultaneously.

You have discrepancies between your reported Lexar USB 2.0 reader’s speed (25 MB/s), and the speeds reported by Rob (Lexar Multi-Card at 34 MB/s and Lexar UDMA Dual-Slot at 34.2 MB/s), as he is achieving 26% faster transfer rates with his procedures.

In regards to the initial errors installing the driver package. By working with you on the matter, we’ve found that you were initially running the setup application without first extracting all the contents of the driver zip file. We have since recommended and assisted in properly extracting the zip file, prior to running the setup.

As you will note by our email correspondence, our customer care team has responded in less than 24 hours to each one of your messages, and continues to be ready to assist your existing support ticket. We look forward to helping you further if we can through our email support team.

Thank You,

Stephanie Duncan
Customer Care Manager

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