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Re: I feel your frustration

Joseph Tainter wrote:

awaldram wrote:

Is that 6 now Joe.? If I was Pentax I;d be seriously interested in your environment as your bad luck just can;t be Pentax sloppy QC.

Check here:


Oh, and the SDM failed on a nearly new K5

What I'm saying isn't what you do to the equipment but what happens to the equipment from factory to you.
so we have
1 X k5 SDM
3 x 16-50 Optical issues and SDM
3 X 50-135 SDm
3 X k20d

10 Distinct and separate failures over what 4 years ?

not that it really matters but is there any commonality.?
Same supplier
Same delivery service
Same local delivery firm etc etc

Because however bad Pentax QC maybe your failure pattern is more than unusual it boarder miraculous .

Of cause it may be a number of issues you don’t live next to a nuclear reactor do you ?

In your shoes I'd have dumped Pentax many a year ago.

Probably what Pentax US is hoping for with your failure rate your bleeding them dry.


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