Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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anthony mazzeri Senior Member • Posts: 2,078
Re: Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

Okay, thanks for that. It does seem to correct barrel distortion in-camera though for the jpgs as you can see in the following pics with the background wall - the first image is the camera jpg and the second is the RAW image (I managed to find Raw Photo Processor app which works).

And I have to agree with you about the quality of the jpgs as well. Even the 'standard' setting has the now-usual extra contrast and saturation which people seem to like, and there is a lot of smearing/blurring from noise reduction which actually destroys the major point of this larger sensor in the first place - the extra fine detail you can get with it, as per the third pic which is a 100% crop. There's no way I can get that sort of detail from the GRD III.

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