The D400, will it come at all?

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The D400, will it come at all?

I suppose that many users of the "top of the line DX" model are meanwhile stunned in disbelieve, why is Nikon not providing any successor?

From D300 I went to EOS-7 (I also have a canon setup with several lenses), I disliked the EOS-7 foremost for the idiotic left side mode selection wheel which could turn so easily (a $120 add-on button was offered by Canon), and the viewfinder: Dark and with long lenses the edge of the viewfinder screen went into focus and looked like sanded glass... Horrible. Than I moved to the D7000, which despite its much lower price, outclasses the EOS-7 in every aspect, for me at least. But it also "smells" like a lower class device compared to controls and functionality of the old good D300/D700. I like to have modal buttons, not these horrific function selection wheels, which cannot be seen in the dark, which can twist and turn by accident.

Now Nikon Rumors and a few other source even allege that the D400 might not come at all. Nikon will rather provide a D600 with FX, and the D7000 class will take over the top DX function.

For once, this would the end of this forum

Dpreview placed the D7000 alongside lower level bodies. And the D700, identical to D300 except for the sensor size, was also assigned to a yet different forum... Should Nikon really abandon the D400, we will have some reshuffling to do, here and in the field.

PS: recommendation to Dpreview: Place all Nikon bodies with mechanical AF coupling in the same forum! People with D-lenses use them. I have 12 of these, no other Nikon body is an option for me.

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