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Re: Thank you Fuji UK

John, I recently had the same issue and can repeat your story word for word. Fuji UK were brilliant with the speed of repair and return and their professionalism. Like yourself I received a checklist as to all the parameters they tested and it is like an M.O.T. certificate that I have put into the original box as part of its service history. My own repair took 8 days because there was a weekend involved so I wasn't too fussed about that. The new lens assembly they put into my camera is actually quieter than the original one but the AF speed is the same. I would most definitely buy more Fuji cameras in the future as a result of this impressive backup service. I use my X100 alongside my Canon 5D mkI and mkIIs regularly so was very relieved when the repair took the barest minimum time possible. I believe that Fuji understand that many professional photographers use their cameras and that there IS the very known and accepted SAB issue so they are sympathetic to users reporting the problem and are well set up to deal with it quickly, efficiently and professionally. I rate their response very highly and would certainly recommend their products and customer service to anyone in doubt.

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