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Re: G12/G1X experience

This is very interesting because I continue to get different results.

First, I'm not continuing this conversation to be argumentative or contrary (that's not my style). I'm just trying to understand why we're seeing different results. You made a good point about being able to change your mind after seeing the results that you shot 1:1 and being able to get back the full 4:3 version. I'd like to have all options available to me and right now I'm just not seeing anything but 1:1 in my photos that I shot in 1:1 aspect ratio

Again, I only shoot jpg + raw and I still have not tried this with raw-only, so these screenshots are for the raw image that I shot with jpg + raw mode.

Opening in Adobe Camera Raw thru both CS5 and CS6 shows only 1:1. I can't see a way to change that to uncover the 4:3 version.

I have LR4 installed - I never got going with that (long story) but I have a very small test library and I added a 1:1 raw file from the G1X to that library. I know so little about how LR4 works that I couldn't even get the same views that you have in your screenshots (i.e. no file name below the thumbnails - you need to look at the bottom of my screen to see that it's a CR2 file)

I opened the library view and the thumbnail shows the image 1:1

I then clicked into the image and it still shows it to be 1:1. I wasn't sure if I was really in edit mode so I clicked on Develop and the photo still looks 1:1 to me. I selected the crop tool, thinking that might reveal the rest of the 4:3 capture but it doesn't

this is baffling. I'm either not finding the right options in LR4 or ACR/CS6 - or I have something set differently on my camera. BTW, I do not have the Canon software installed so I cannot test that.

Screenshot of thumbnail view in the library:

Screenshot of the image open for edit(?) in Develop module

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