Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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Re: Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

You ake quite a few different points so I'll respond to each individually:

Janarto wrote:

The RX100 is interesting but has some shortcomings :

  • The lens is not that good

I'll reserve judgement on that until I can see the RAWs. Right now I can only use the JPGs so there's in-camera sharpening and noise-reduction which makes it hard to tell.

  • The pixel count is very high and the sensor not that big so the noise performance and the dynamic range is not that good

The 1" sensor area is 2.7x the size of the 1/1.7". The pixel count of 20MP is 2x the 10MP of the 1/1.7".

So it actually has less pixels per area than the smaller sensor, ergo less noise if you're using pixel-density as your criteria.

PS. Interestingly an APSC sensor is 2.8x the area of a 1", so it's pretty much the same multilplier as the 1" is to the 1/1.7".

  • Ergonomics is not that good

Yep, give me a Ricoh any day.

  • It's rather expensive.

Actually les sthan what I recall I paid for the GRD III.

Not that it's not a good camera, but it's far from being the best camera on the block.

The ricoh GRD4 has some other competitors :

Panasonic LX7 : Very good lens / decent sensor
Samsung EX2 : Good lens / good sensor

Both 1/1.7" sensors.

Sigma DP2m : Decent lens, magnificent sensor, but slow and rubbish in-camera jpeg

I'll take a DP2M 100 % of the time against the RX100.

The Sigmas are the same size and focal lengths as the GXR 28mm and 50mm cameras so it's a different class. I'll take the GXR 100% against the Sigmas. And did.

The RX100 is so much smaller. Truly pocketable, unlike the Sigmas and GXR. It's all about pocketable size when making the comparisons, so it should be against the Canon s100 or LX7 (as you mentioned), which the RX100 kills with its much larger sensor and megapixels. Even the Canon G1X is too big to be a comparison.

Moneywise, the sony is as expensive as a Fuji X100 and neither the sensor nor the lens are nearly as good !

Again it's not a comparison of prices, it's a comaprison of sizes - the Fuji X100 is not a pocketable camera. It's as meaningless as comparing the RX100 to an entry-level DSLR for the same price. What does that mean to someone wanting the best pocketable camera? Nothing at all.

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