E-M5: how to get Fuji X-Pro1 Astia look?

Started Aug 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
Brooks Lester Senior Member • Posts: 1,865
I like my OM-D but skin tones, even from RAW, don't please me as much as Fuji X's

My now-sold X100 and kept X10 create gorgeous jpeg files - I don't/didn't shoot either camera in RAW - I liked the jpeg skin tones so much I was willing to give up some IQ in other areas.

The OM-D files are very nice, and I like their color rendering, but it's not Fuji color and white balance, which to me, is the most pleasing and film-like of the digital cameras. Especially skin tones. Fuji seems to have figured out not how to necessarily deliver the most accurate color, but instead, how to deliver the most filmic and subjectively pleasing color - to me, and at least a few others.

That being said, my OM-D is a very nice camera and Fuji does not offer equivalent focussing performance nor a lens like the Lumix Vario 7-14mm. I'm keeping my OM-D. Maybe the next generation of large sensor X-series cameras will evolve far enough to tempt me back - and I still have the X10.

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