DP2 Merrill at the Classic Car Show.

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Re: ISO 400

at about 50 shots logged on the camera, I am not ready to say anything much as I am still getting a feel for this thing.

However, I believe that this banding pattern exists when the image is underexposed in someway regardless of what ISO you are using. of course the amount of it increases as you climb the ISO ladder.

Most of these are processed with the Luminance Noise set to the lowest setting(far left). I've also applied some level of sharpening as well even though they don't really need it and I am sure this also affected the images. I did however, run a few through Noise Ninja and they do clean up nicely. Maybe I'll post a couple of those later.

Anyway, I will try and share some more of my thoughts when I'm at about 500 shots.

mroy wrote:

As much as I love my DP2M, I'm afraid that ISO 400 (and ISO 200 to a lesser extent), sometimes shows too much banding at default SPP settings.

This depends a lot on the subject, of course, but the banding is clearly visible here, for instance:


I've started to apply Luminance Noise Reduction by default, +1 for ISO 200 and +2 for Iso 400, to miinimize this.

I'd be interested what you (and others, who also actually have a DP2M and take pictures with it) think about banding with your DP2M.


I like your car pictures; you have a good eye for composition.

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