The future of mirrorless

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Re: The future of mirrorless

It will take longer than DSLR’s which inherited the full set of already refined technologies and system components from SLR’s, where they had developed and refined for 40 years. All DSLR designers did in the said 10 years was to optimize the rest of the system components to work with a sensor instead of a film and winder.
Mirrorless will be mature:

• When there are enough makers with similar products in the market that one can select on basis of design style and price, rather than availability. For example some DSLR lenses give higher central resolution (fine for birding) but softer corners whereas others have more constant resolution (better for landscape) across the viewing plane – different styles.

• When system elements have been optimized. For example, inaccurate PDAF is the best that DSLR’s will ever be able to do because the sensor is hidden behind the mirror. Mirrorless will only fulfill its superior potential when hybrid AF becomes feasible, for which we have to wait for dual processing and/or Moore’s Law to improve processors beyond present speeds. Even then progress will be gradual until the best algorithms emerge. Or some other AF system.

• When the new breed of lenses have been developed to the level where designers have an experienced feel for the consequences of their decisions. The retrofocus lenses for (D)SLR’s have been refined since the 1950’s. Rangefinder (OVF) camera lens designers are less into extreme wide angle, macro, and long telephoto zoom lenses. Lenses for mirrorless can be as small and good as rangefinder lenses and as wide/long/flexible as DSLR lenses, but there is a learning curve which applies to both lens and sensor design. Dreaming: programmable variable ISO across the sensor to counteract the increased illumination falloff of symmetrical wide-angle lenses – then we can have correctly exposed distorsion-free wide-angle, albeit with more noise in the corners.

• (Slightly off-topic) When Sony has convinced the market that it will stick to (industry) standards for long enough that the accessories we buy today will also work on future versions of NEX bodies.

Do not wait for the species to mature. The entry-level DSLR is mature and about to follow the tower-box PC and full size American automobile down the dinosaur route.

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