Sam 500mm f6.3 Mirror - anyone?

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Re: Rokinon 500mm f6.3 Mirror (6 imgs)

brandrx wrote:

dragra wrote:

brandrx wrote:

how is focus confirmation working?

Sometimes it doesn't with this Rokinon. For instance, I could not get focus confirmation on the doves in the OP. Hoever, I believe that is because of the nature of those doves, being almost all gray and no contrast.

It seems to me that my Tamron SP 500mm f8 mirror works better than the Rokinon. I was able to do Catch-in-Focus (CIF) against the hummingbirds with my Tamron.

if I got you right focus confirmation is unreliable and depedning on subject contrast?
if the camera cant get focus confirmation also CIF most likely wont work?

As I wrote above, "sometimes".

All of the images in the following link were taken using CIF.



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Ron, thanks again. I was thinking about this lens since the Pentax GPS unit came out. The final trigger to go and get it was your reply with the six photos. I am surprised how well this lens is made, material and finish seems very good, it is built to last. I noticed the focus ring goes beyond infinity. Nice touch. Viewfinder is not much darker as with the DA 55-300. Focus confirmation on K-r works excellent. I will post some pics later on.


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