3:2 aspect ratio of 35mm film vs. other ratios and the Golden Rectangle

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Re: 3:2 aspect ratio of 35mm film vs. other ratios and the Golden Rectangle

Fotogeneticist wrote:

I often see posts about how obsolete the 3:2 aspect ratio of 35mm film is, or even better, how much better the 4/3 aspect ratio is (same as old school TV display), but I've found the 3:2 aspect ratio to really work well with my composition and I believe there's something special about the 3:2 ratio (at least compared to other major ratios used in still photography).

My wife wants all of our photos in 6 x 4 inch prints since she doesn't use computers. So I set her and my cameras to the 3:2 aspect. But I wish manufacturers would provide a 3:2 grid so I could leave her camera in the 4:3 aspect and teach her to frame for 3:2 using the grid.

Reason is that she has a Canon 500HS compact and although it takes wonderful low light pictures, it only has a 4.4x optical zoom. But it does have a 4x digital zoom and the picture quality using the digital zoom is way good enough for her 6x4 inch prints. Problem is that the digital zoom only works in the 4:3 aspect mode. She seldom zooms but I do when I use her camera, which is the only camera we take to weddings, and parties.

There are many high end compacts that have less than 5x optical zoom but also have digital zoom. Camera manufacturers, if you're listening, please include a 3:2 grid line option on your cameras that can only digital zoom in the 4:3 setting.

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