D90 - filename sequence reset by mistake

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Re: D90 - filename sequence reset by mistake

Well, I have tried several times now.

D90 makes a default file structure on the card like the root-archive called "NCD90" when I format the card. If I place the last file from my computer in this archive, nothing happens. D90 can't finde the transferred file.

When I format and D90 makes the "NCD90", and I take a picture, the picture is stored in a new created sub-archive to "NCD90" called "100NCD90". If I delete picutures in this archive and copy the file to this archive from my computer, D90 finds the file, but will not use the nummer for the sequence.

If I format the card, and on the computer I make the "100NCD90" manuelly, and copy the file to this sub-archive, D90 finds the file but store new picutures in a new created sub-archive called "101NCD90", and still not using the filenumber from the transferred file, for the sequence.

(All format of the card, are done in D90)


baloo_buc wrote:

It does work if you set correctly the numbering sequence and copy the last file you did with the old numbering on the card. It will skip some numbers but it worked always with my cameras.
If you don't know how to do it just read the user manual.
Bucuresti, Romania

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