Is this bad 50mm 1.4G?

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Re: This is a perfect example of why AF tune isn't very helpful....

I respectfully disagree. I fine tuned my 50 1.4 G because it appeared to be front focusing by a few mm wide open. Instead of an eyeball I was always getting the front of the eyelid. My other fast primes didn't behave this way. After setting a tripod and a chart and much trial and error, I dialed in + or - 5 (can't recall now which way) and it hits focus dead-on almost every time now.

Further distances are less critical for DOF and I don't shoot far distance wide open anyway. In this case, to me it makes total sense if you need a certain distance dialed in for perfect dead-on focus at 1.4.

If your zoom is missing at 2.8, with that much larger DOF, that's a much bigger correction than can (or should) probably be made.

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

This perfectly illustrates why, in my opinion, it's pointless to be using AF fine tune except in very specific studio environments where focal length and distance to subject never change. When you AF fine tune a lens, you are only doing so at that exact focus/subject distance. If you were using a zoom lens, it would also change at different focal lengths, as well as focus distances.


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