"Magical" colors: is 5D3 closer to 5D than 5D2 was?

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Re: "Magical" colors: is 5D3 closer to 5D than 5D2 was?

internal JPG -yes

Press Correspondent wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote:

improved CFA in 5dmk3 ? nope i do not agree

5d and 1dsmk3 has a more dense CFA which means better conditions for color accuracy.

True, 5D has better colors, but we are comparing 5D3 against 5D2, not against 5D. Based on what's been posted so far, 5D3 looks more saturated and vibrant compared to 5D2. It may not be the same as more "accurate" and could be corrected in the profiles, but it is not necessarily "accurate" we are after, it is more "pleasing" to the eye, something that 5D had subjectively referred to as "magic" or "creamy colors".

This is what I am getting from the responses (other than the one from Alpha Centaurs). Compared to 5D, the colors of 5D2 were darker, muted, less saturated. This seems to have been addressed in 5D3 at least in part making a step back toward the colors of 5D. Makes sense?

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