Moving raid-1 to new mobo

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Re: Moving raid-1 to new mobo

williamio wrote:

To be honest with you, if you break the RAID first before backing up data, there is a chance you will lose data. The safer way I believe is to backup your data first before doing anything - or at least your most important data. Most likely each RAID drive has the RAID information block to maintain the raid configuration...etc, this block normally is stored in the very first few blocks on the disk, and what's even worse is that the RAID tables are different from system to system, so your new mobo may not be able to read the old RAID info from the old RAID array on the old mobo. So, the worst case is - when you separate two drives from RAID 1, if one drive fails, and the other disk plugged to the new mobo got modified the RAID info block... then you are dead meat so trust me, before doing anything, backup your data off the RAID 1.

Unfortunately the system is out of commission and I suspect it's the mobo that might be at fault. Since each driveis a mirror of the other, I was planning on putting one drive in a new system (not as a raid) just to recover the contents. Then I would redo a new raid on the new system. I understand that the pair would probably not be usable as is with a new controller, but I hope that each individual drive could be used.

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