Why you are dumber than Canon

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Re: Why you are dumber than Canon

AC1 wrote:

Scenario 1: A man is sitting in a restaurant being served by a snooty, superior waiter and when he finally can’t tolerate the waiter’s attitude any longer he asks, “If you think you are so superior, how come you are serving me?”

Scenario 2: A large camera company generates millions of dollars revenue from a bunch of users, many of whom complain frequently and loudly that the company is “stupid” or “behind” or “losing the plot” or “has no idea about marketing” etc. Two smart, well-paid and successful senior managers of the large camera company are enjoying a drink to celebrate the successful release of a recent firmware upgrade to one of their flagship bodies:

Manager 1: “So, we’d have to call it a success wouldn’t we?”

Manager 2: “Sure! Never seen the forums so happy. And to think we gave them a bunch of things that they never even asked for! I can’t remember the last time I saw anyone asking for increased burst size or in-camera RAW processing. But they seem like kids in a candy store about it.”

Manager 1: “Hah! It’s a bit like when Apple launched the iPod. I mean, nobody was running around 10 years ago saying ‘I need an iPod or give me an iPad’, were they? Apple gave their customers something they never even knew they wanted and look how well that worked out!”

Manager 2: “Absolutely!”

Manager 1: “And so, if all those forum warriors are so smart and reckon they know how to run things better than us, how come they are the ones paying millions of dollars to our company - instead of receiving millions of dollars from it – like us?”

Manager 2: “Cheers to that! Now, how is that EOS 3Dx body coming along......?”

I really don't see your point. I'm not good at business and I've no expertise in physics or engineering, so there's no conceivable way that I would be able to receive millions of dollars from Canon. And many people complain about small buffer sizes and lack of in-camera RAW processing.

So... what was your point?

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