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Get a 50mm with big aperture, you are good to go.

mistermejia wrote:

Obviously this comment is not for folks that have DEEP pockets and that think this is a joke, but i hope is usefull for people that are fairly new to or are looking into getting an FX body but faint when they see the price on those new nice looking FX lenses.

A week ago i just purchased a Nikon F5 and yesterday i just discovered that there are MANY high quality FF lenses out there that are extremely inexpensive compared to the new $1500 and up lenses. They are OLDER but they are just as good as the new ones. I am in shock how marketting can really make you believe that old stuff is "useless" or not good enough.

This morning I just bought me a Nikkor 28-105mm macro AF-D and it is a VERY GOOD lens, got it from Craigslist for $170, the nice thing is that with D lenses i can also use them on my D7000. The 35-70 2.8 looks very appealing to me as well, and there are also a few longer telephoto ones too in 2.8 and f4.

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