D800E AF not working - Stuck in manual

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Re: OP lacking good manners

I call bulls* t and troll. Unless the op (you) has a really hard time explaining himself. If you can't autofocus your camera, I would LOVE to know how you tested for right and left AutoFocus points, especially if your AF Selector also appears to be broken.

Either 1) You are a clueless person who bought a D800E while having never used a DSLR (would explain why you press AF-Selector instead of AF ON or shutter half-way to try and use AutoFocus) and in this case your D800 does AutoFocus properly (former problem unexistant) and you might or might not have the Left AF problem (probably not since you say left/right when the "famous problem" is mainly concerning the left point), but then again if your AF Selector is broken how did you test AF perfomance of various focus points? Duh...

2) You're just a troll.

Sorry to be blunt but you should either read the manual before coming here complaining or just go troll somewhere else...

my 2 cents.

hypercore360 wrote:

The OP (me), was away on business. As for manners, just take it easy. Me not responding vs the f'ing s* t that that goes back and forth is nothing in comparison. Just put a bloody sock in it.

The camera has been sent back. The biggest issue, along with bad left & right AF, the AF selector button was found to be bad. The local retailer (great guys) took it back. No issues there. They got me another new unit in literally 5 days. Will be picking it up tomorrow.

We'll see what happens with the new unit.

diverroy wrote:

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As the OP hasn't got the manners to reply to you all that have taken the time to try and help him I think it is a waste of time to try and help him anymore.

Is he still looking at the replies,has he fixed the problem,has he sold his camera and got a canon,has he died.

Why write a reply when we don't even know if he is reading it apart fro it could help someone else with the same problem

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