7D Firmware update and My Menu

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Re: 7D Firmware update and My Menu - Resolved

FWIW, I, too, have done many firmware updates, and have never removed the battery (unless it was to change batteries!), mainly because I'm not a great instruction reader and never noticed it Never had a problem or noticed any funky behavior.

I did it this time after I read someone's comment about it here on DPR, but I had already fired up the camera and it seemed to be fine. Didn't see any difference after I did it.

I'll try to do better in the future


Robert Sheldon wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

Maybe I just never noticed it, but, this is the first firmware update that I remember that specifically states, that you should remove and replace the battery after the update.

I have made many Canon firmware updates going back to the 10D and they ALL required you to remove and replace the battery.

PS. They are infrequent enough that I print out and read the instructions each time I do an update.

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