Questions about moving to a 5DIII from MFT

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Re: I have both an EM5 and 5D III.

BTW - Since you now have both a FF & the EM5 what do you use the FF for and do you see yourself keeping it? Thanks

jsmiller wrote:

I bought the Canon first, and if I had it to do all over to do again, I might have skipped it. The IQ of the the Olympus is excellent, as you know, and in the vast majority of shots I can't say it is that much inferior to that of the 5D III, if at all. It really depends largely how important the DOF control of a FF is for you. I have been able to work around it on my crop cameras. But there is no getting around the boat anchor weigth and bulk of the 5D III. So in the end you have to decide how important the DOF control is compared to the weight and considerable investment you would have to make. Clearly if you are a pro selling your pictures or entering into major competitions, you try to have everything at your disposal that you could need. But if you are not, then just your pleasure could perhaps justify it, but only you can decide.

The OM5 feels like a toy compared to the 5D III, but on its own it is extremely capable and quite a major advance in cameras. It has become my go-to camera virtually alll the time now that I have become reasonably familiar with the control setup. 5D III users who have never tried the OM5 may scoff at the idea that the OM5 is worth considering as an alternative. The 5D III is clearly a wonderful camera, capable of doing some things with ease that would challnge the EM5. But I hardly ever need those extra capabilities, and I always can find a work-around that works for me. I suggest you consider renting a 5D III and give it a try. That could help you avoid a costly investment that you find you don'treally need in the end,or it could convince you that you must have a 5D III.


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