Nikon "refreshes" 1 System...YEA RIGHT!

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Re: Nikon "refreshes" 1 System...YEA RIGHT!

Clayton1985 wrote:

This is a good move if and only if wildlife and long reach are your primary needs. Otherwise you are giving up a lot going from m4/3 to V1. I owned the V1 and it is a fun camera with lots of potential contrary to many of the comments you'll see here, however, it has a long way to go to compare to the OMD. No wide lens or fast primes, AEB, tilt screen, weather sealing, very limited customization. The biggest issue for me was the lack of a wide lens and fast prime.

The concerns about image quality with the 1 sensor are overstated though. It is a very capable camera when it comes to image quality, dynamic range, and highISO performance.

Yes I agree the EM-5 has many pluses, I see the V1 more as a complementary camera to a Nikon dSLR. The dSLR for general use, landscapes, low light. While the V1 shines when extreme telephoto is required at a affordable price while also providing a small camera for when a bulking dslr is not suitable. Its still a young system, but I feel the 1 series has much more potential as a complementary device then the likes of Sony or Canons mirrorless options..

In all reality, I would probably stick with m43 for a few more generations and hope that a few quality telephoto lenses are added, and that a competitive form of Predictive Focus is invented.

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