14NX or SLR/n

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14NX or SLR/n

I've had a 14nx for several years and been very happy w/ its performance. I just picked up an SLR/n for a good price and will probably end up selling one of them. The question is, which? Images from both are, for all intents and purposes, equal...the SLR/n may shoot a tiny bit over exposed in comparison to 14nx.

  • The 14nx: 24,100 clicks, won't hold the date in memory, has a lose rubber grip but body in very good shape.

  • The SLR/n: 58,000 clicks, holds the date, rubber grip re-glued and body in very good shape.

both are running 5.4.1 firmware. The SLR/n response to menu commands feels a bit snappier...and I do like that red light on the memory card door. One little recent oddity...since I moved from LR 2 to LR 4, it will not show previews of the 14nx raw files until after I upload them. No problem w/ the SLR/n previews. Odd. They previewed fine in LR 2.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

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