Take off that awful thing of your lens

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Re: Take off that awful thing of your lens

I always use a high quality protective filter on my lenses. I have run tests and found the only time a protecting filter (usually a UV, but I have used A1 on film cameras) degraded an image was when I used a brand new Hoya HMC UV filter.

I tracked the problem down to an oily film on the filter (probably not adequate cleaning in manufacture). It took quite a bit of effort to fully clean it (spit & eclipse), but when I did I re-ran my tests and it was just as good as no filter at all. (My tests do include use of tripod, careful focusing and alignment of targets and examination of images using magnification.)

Why do I use filters? I have cleaned enough filters often enough over the years to know I'd rather put the effort into cleaning an easily replaceable filter than clean the front elements of expensive lenses. I find a nice fine layer of dust or fingerprints on the lens or filter to degrade the image much more than a clean high quality filter. And yes, I use lens hoods and cap my lenses when not being used.


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