Macbook Pro Retina 2.3 or 2.6

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Re: Macbook Pro Retina 2.3 or 2.6

AShimon wrote:

DaveyBee wrote:

Having weighed up the relative costs and "bang for your buck" I opted for the 2.6 MBP without Retina display. You get more storage (750Gb vs. 256Gb or 512Gb), ethernet and firewire connections, and an optical disk for the price of the entry level rMBP. The 16Gb upgrade to the rMBP isn't cheap, but you can upgrade a standard 8Gb MBP to 16Gb for about 100GBP if you feel the need in the future.


Anyone who passed on the Retina display for storage, ethernet, or firewire made the wrong decision. Looking at the Retina display is like seeing my photos for the first time all over again. Seriously - it's that good.

Outboard storage is less convenient, but not THAT bad. Ethernet and firewire can both be had on rMBP for ~$60 via adapter.

Granted, upgradability is nice. But WOW @ Retina....

I wholly agree, the Retina display is fantastic, but I just didn't need it for what I do with my MBP. I have a 24" iMac for photo editing, which is more than satisfies my needs.

I didn't say don't by a rMBP, I just said that the display was over specced and over priced for my requirement and the storage and connectivity was going to keep me going for many years to come. I spent too many years as an IT Business Analyst and Account Director, and I just practiced what I used to preach, analysed my requirements then selected the closest match, taking into account my future requirements.

Sorry if I offended the "must have a Retina display" brigade, and in fairness, I was one until a few days before I bought my MBP, but I just couldn't force myself to fork out best part of 2400 GBP for a 2.6 rMBP, ethernet adapter and optical disk whilst living on a limited income...


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