I need to know what frame I'm on!

Started Aug 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mike Worley
Mike Worley Senior Member • Posts: 1,486
The camera will tell you if you review images on the LCD

Whatever review mode you choose, the camera will tell you which frame you're looking at by reporting "2/5" for second frame of five, or "100-2" for the second frame in subdirectory 100.

To find what frame number you're "on" -- or going to take next -- keep scrolling until you get to frame 1, back up one frame and you will be at the last image taken. Note its number and add one to that number. That's the frame you're on.

Or, instead, you could just note the file number in image review if the point of knowing the frame you're "on" is to write some notes about an image you just took.

Did you just get a Nikon DSLR?


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