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Re: Two sides of wide gamut monitors for making prints?

Good advice here. Keep in mind a printer alone doesn't have a specific gamut of colors. Different papers have different amounts of ink that they can absorb, and other factors such as the sizing and coatings will change how the ink "sits" on the paper surface, these will lead the fact that different papers printed on the same printer will have different gamuts. With my older Epson 3800 (or even my 2200 that preceded it), many of my glossy papers will have very wide gamut that is in some areas larger than the AdobeRGB (1998) gamut, but if I printed on plain white printer paper, the gamut might be smaller than sRGB (I haven't tested it in a while).

But yes, on my Epson 4880 using good paper, there may be some bright, saturated, slightly-orange yellows and some darker aqua colors that won't fit in AdobeRGB(1998). So there are colors that will not display properly even on wide gamut displays (assuming the displays are limited to something close to AdobeRGB). There is also a much larger number of colors that the monitor can display but the printer/ink/paper combination cannot. This is where soft proofing helps a lot, as it can show you what the output will look like by simulating the limited gamut of ink on paper. You can also use the gamut warning to point out to you problem areas, so that you can look closer. Even if there are areas where the gamut is limited, the resulting colors in the area might be acceptable or you might need to do some adjustments to get the resulting print to where you want. As I said each paper/printer combination will have different gamuts, so just because you get something you like on Epson Premium Luster, doesn't mean you can go ahead and print it on Hannehmule German Etching later, you'll want to soft proof each time you output to a different setup.

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