Questions about moving to a 5DIII from MFT

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Re: Questions about moving to a 5DIII from MFT

Nice picture!

Yes aware of the 2X crop factor differences. My current 45MM 1.8 equates to a 90MM in FF which is the best lens I have for MFT that creates very good head portrait shots w/ nice bokeh but I mostly shoot w/ my 20MM which is more like 40MM FF and w/ that lens I really can't get enough subject isolation unless I'm very very close to the subject so that's why I think FF will be a better fit for the types of effects & pictures I want to get. With my MFT and 45MM lens I could not create the same level of subject isolation and bokeh you show in yours unless I moved in so mostly the head was the shot. If I wanted to include the chest the background would not be as blurred away in that room. I have a 35MM Canon A1 w/ the 50MM FD 1.4 and LOVE the dof & bokeh and angle of view w/ that camera & lens so I think the FF w/ the 50MM 1.2 or 1.4 will get me the results I'm looking for and later I can expand to add a wider fast prime as well as the 85MM that everyone seems to speak so highly off for those nice head shot portraits.

For me being an amateur and not someone who shoots a ton of pictures every day I am just rationalizing and researching the idea of ditching MFT to go into FF but I have a feeling that I will always be wanting more control over shallow DOF and more bokeh if I stick w/ the MFT. I just wish I would have understood all this a lot more and knew I really wanted a camera that gave me the best bokeh and shallow DOF control before I spent so much into the OMD EM5 MFT system because I do like that camera a lot too but just not getting some of the pictures I would like to take w/ it.
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